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Name:DCU Six Word Stories OOC
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Community description:DCU6 OOC Comunity
This is the official OOC community for [community profile] dcu6wordstories. You are still welcome to post OOC posts within six words on the main community (just remember to tag it accordingly!), but this has been established so that there is another way for everyone to be able to communicate.

Although this is designed to be a fairly informal board, there are some rules we ask you to follow:

1. Be polite to other players. Not everyone has the same opinions as you--that's what makes the world go round. It's one thing to let your opinions be known, but it's another to start berating the person whose opinion differs from yours. If you don't want it to be done to you, don't do it to anyone else. The only time being a Dick is acceptable is if your last name is Grayson.

2. Don't spam. Same as the main community, please wait three posts or 24 hours before posting again.

3. Stay on topic. This is an OOC comm, not a personal journal. Try to contain your posts to DC or DCUSWS-related topics.

4. Don't bring in personal drama. It's one thing to bring up an issue you have with the community as a whole (in fact, this is encouraged), but if there is an issue with an individual member or a small group, we ask that you either contact a mod or contact the person directly. Singling out a single player or a group of players is uncomfortable for all involved.

5. Unlike the main community, personal journals are allowed to join, though it would be much preferred if you stick to your character journals to avoid potential confusion.
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